Washington 2020

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Aims & Objectives

Whilst the conference was cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the abstracts and presentations are available ‘virtually’. The ADEE project teams provided two oral presentations as follows:

‘The Evolution of an Outcomes-based Model of Continuing Professional Development’ – this was an outcome of the published Review of CPD

‘What “professionalism” means to dental professionals, patients and others’ – this was an outcome of a soon to be published review of professionalism in dentistry and across the wider healthcare sectors.

‘The Evolution of an Outcomes-based Model of Continuing Professional Development’ – the main messages included:

  • Revised approaches to CPD should acknowledge individuals’ responsibility for their professional development and the undertaking of educational activities relevant to their needs - “not just ‘a means to an end”.
  • Not an easy task for a regulatory body to base its CPD requirements on qualitative elements - quantitative elements easy to measure.
  • Pride in achievements, by professionals, should be the goal.
  • Regulators should support registrants - offering guidance and educational tools and strengthen engagement.
  • ‘Higher Order Thinking’, CPD activities, exist in the most recent CPD models.
    • Go beyond the basic observation of facts and memorisation.
    • Embrace - critical thinking, reflective practice, active learning, mentoring, appraisal and feedback, portfolio and personal planning.
  • CPD underpins life-long learning and facilitates professionals’ registration.
  • Quality Outcomes-Based Model approach supports engagement in meaningful and relevant CPD. There is a greater potential to positively impact on practice and strengthen a high standard of care for patients.

‘What “professionalism” means to dental professionals, patients and others’ – the main messages included

  • ‘Professionalism’ is a complex and an essentially contested concept.
  • Despite areas of consensus, different stakeholders emphasised some aspects over others.
  • There is scope to update current guidance and provide ongoing optional support.
Cardiff University Dental School, U.K. Athens University School of Dentistry, Greece Helsinki University Institute of Dentistry, Finland ACTA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Rīga Stradiņš University Dental School, Latvia ADEE - Association for Dental Education in Europe